Getting Around Our Theatre

We’ve put together this visual story so you know what to expect when you come to the Northcott.

We’ll go over everything from entering and getting around our theatre to taking your seats in the auditorium (that’s the stage where a performance happens).

If you’d like to visit the Northcott before your show and have a look around, just give us a call at 01392 72 63 63 or email us at [email protected], and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Getting to the Northcott

Entering our theatre

Front and Rear Entrances

Our front and rear entrances are located on street level and have ramped access and automatic doors that open outwards from the building.

The front entrance (which you will likely enter if you approach our theatre from Car Parks C & D, or arrive via public transport) leads into our Box Office, and the rear entrance (which you will likely enter if you park on Queens Street) leads into our Theatre Café.

Exeter Northcott Theatre Front Entrance. Large glass windows. In the centre of the image, automatic doors opening out from the theatre. Looking through the doors, the Northcott Box Office area. A large desk with a black top and striped wooden panelling separated with pink, purple and yellow colour blocks. A striped wooden panel back wall with a sign with text reading 'box office'.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead
Exeter Northcott Theatre Box Office. (Left) A grey metal lift entrance. On the left-hand side of the lift door, a framed guide to what rooms are on each level of the Northcott building. On the right-hand side of the image, a large desk with a black top and striped wooden panelling separated with pink, purple and yellow colour blocks. Behind the desk, two desktop PCs. On the wall behind the desk, the Exeter Northcott Theatre Logo: Pink, black and purple text reads: 'Exeter Northcott Theatre'
Photo by Ralph Whitehead

Box Office

Our Box Office is on the ground floor of the building and this area is where you can purchase or pick up tickets and request additional support from our friendly team.

You can identify Northcott staff by their pink-coloured name badges and / or black T-shirts with ‘Exeter Northcott Theatre’ written on them.

The Box Office front desk has a lowered section for wheelchair users, and our team can help you access our hearing loop system or provide you with ear defenders or audio description headsets.

You can also find a lift in our Box Office area to access all three levels of our theatre.

Lower Foyer

Our Lower Foyer has male, female and gender-neutral, accessible toilets. The accessible toilets are spacious and equipped with handrails and emergency pull cords.

There is a baby changing station in the gender-neutral, accessible toilets.

We also have storage space for prams and pushchairs under the auditorium stairs and moveable seating for wheelchair users.

What’s more, there is bar area in the Lower Foyer area where you can purchase drinks, ice creams and sweets to take into our auditorium before or during a performance. These items will be clearly marked for sale.

Exeter Northcott Theatre Lower Foyer. A curved room. Grey carpet. On the left-hand side of the image, two toilet doors that have a purple, pink and yellow triangle block design. The toilet door on the left of the two doors has a female gender icon on it. The toilet doors on the right of the two doors has all gender, age and accessible icons on it. In the centre of the image, a bar with a wooden panel design striped, split up with purple, pink and yellow blocks. To the right of the bar area, another door that has a purple, pink and yellow triangle block design. This door has text reading 'Staff Only'. On the far right side of the image, white rounded metal columns with has a purple, pink and yellow triangle blocks painted on them.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead
Exeter Northcott Theatre Lower Foyer Steps. A series of wide grey-carpeted steps with white outlines leading up to a raised floor. In the centre of the image, a concrete block. On top of the concrete block, a brochure rack filled with flyers for Northcott shows. On either side of the concrete block, a grey, white and yellow mural featuring illustrations of people. (Left) a sign on the mural with text reading 'Doors 1&3'. (Right) a sign on the mural with text reading 'Doors 2 & 4 & Cafe/Bar'.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead

Getting to different levels in our theatre

Your ticket will tell you which door you need to enter to reach your seat in our auditorium.

You can use one of two staircases from the Lower Foyer to reach Doors 1 and 2 (16 steps each) or use the lift in the Box Office. If you use the lift from our Box Office area, you’ll arrive in the Pink Room, which connects to the Theatre Café.

To reach Doors 3 and 4, use the staircases on the right or left side of the Theatre Café (17 steps each), or use the lift to reach the third level.

All of our staircases have hand rails. Look out for signs on the doors and stairs warning you of anything you need to be aware of during the performance.

Theatre Café

Our Theatre Café can get quite busy before a performance and during performance intervals. If you need to go to a quiet space, you can use the Pink Room, the break room outside the third level accessible toilet, or the rear entrance doors on the second level to leave the building.

The maximum number of people attending a performance at the Northcott is 460. However, additional people may be using the theatre cafe before, during and after a performance.

The Northcott Theatre Cafe. A curved room. Blue carpet and wooden decking. In the centre of the image, a large bar desk, black on top, with striped wooden panels separated by pink, purple and yellow coloured blocks on the front. Behind the bar, a kitchen area. On the left-hand side of the image, a seating area with wooden tables and plastic chairs.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead

Taking Your Seat

Exeter Northcott Theatre Auditorium. (Right) A black foldable manual wheelchair. (Centre - left) Purple foldable seats.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead

The stage is set! You’re almost ready to experience a show!

Your ticket will tell you which row letter and seat number you need to go to. Our stewards stationed by each door can help you find your seat.

There is an access row with removable seating on Row G for wheelchair users and assistance dog users.

When you enter the auditorium, the house lights will be on to help you find your seat, and they’ll be dimmed or switched off once the performance begins, unless you are watching a relaxed performance. You are more than welcome to wear headphones during a performance.

We hope that you have found this visual story helpful, and we can’t wait for you to join us at the Northcott!

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