Touch Tours

We are committed to creating enjoyable and inclusive theatre experiences for everyone.

As part of our commitment, we often offer touch tours of costumes, props and sets before selected audio described performances in the Northcott auditorium.

We’ve put together this guide to let you know what you can expect from a touch tour at our theatre.

What is a touch tour?

A touch tour allows you to explore the visual aspects of a performance. The audio describer for the performance will guide you through our auditorium, where you can feel costumes, props, and set pieces from the production. The audio describer will also provide you with verbal descriptions of the items and scenery you are handling.

Production photo from Isle of Brimsker. A woman reaches their right hand into a wooden bowl filled with small stones. The bowl is being held by a kneeling woman wearing an orange knitted hat and moss-textured jumper.
Photo by JMA photography
Production photo from Isle of Brimsker. A mixed group of people sit in a semi circle around a man wearing a grey jumper and brown trousers who is playing a guitar. Almost all of the people sat in the semi-circle are covered long strands of tinsel suspended from the ceiling, and many of them also wearing knitted green blankets over their legs.
Photo by JMA photography

Meeting Point & Orientation

We often run touch tours for audio described performances one hour before the performance is due to start.

On the day of the touch tour, please arrive at our Northcott Box Office a few minutes before the designated meeting time.

Once the touch tour group has gathered together, the audio describer for the performance will introduce themselves and give you an overview of the touch tour experience. They will share any important details about our theatre and the production, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Exploring the set

During the touch tour, you’ll explore the set with the audio describer and production staff. You’ll be able to touch and feel certain objects to gain a tactile understanding of the space where the performance will take place. The audio describer will also verbally describe the set design, including furniture and scenery.

You will also have the chance to handle notable costumes and props from the performance. The audio describer will verbally describe the materials, colours, and accessories of the costumes, helping you envision the characters and their attire.

Feel free to ask questions during the tour! The audio describer and production staff are happy to share more information about the production, and maybe even some behind-the-scenes anecdotes!

Production photo from Isle of Brimsker. A woman wearing a brown rain coat lets an audience member wearing a light green jumper using a wheelchair touch a long piece of wood. They are both smiling. They are surrounded by a mixed group of people sat in a semi-circle around a small set that is designed to look like weathered rocks. White confetti is spread across the floor.
Photo by JMA photography
Book your place on a touch tour

You can contact our Box Office team via 01392 72 63 63 or [email protected] to find out the dates and times of touch tours for the specific audio described performance you plan to attend.

Make sure to reserve your place in advance, as availability may be limited.

Upcoming audio described performances

Frankenstein: audio-described performance on Saturday 30 September at 2:30pm.
King Arthur: audio-described performance on Thursday 26 October at 7:30pm.
Dick Whittington: audio-described performance on Sunday 10 December at 2:30pm.

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