Access Performances

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience live theatre. We are striving to make our theatre as accessible as possible and recognise that not all disabilities are visible.

If you have any access needs, please get in touch via email on [email protected], or by phone on 01392 72 63 63 and we’ll gladly assist.

You can find a full list of upcoming access performances at the bottom of this page.

Audio Description

Audio description is a live verbal commentary on the visual elements of a production as it unfolds, such as actions, characters, costumes and sets. An audio describer delivers this information between the dialogue of a performance and anyone can listen to it via a headset. Audio-described performances also often include pre-show touch tours of the set.

Watch or listen to Audio Describer Harriet Godfrey talk about her role, what audiences can expect and why audio description is important.

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Touch Tours

In Conversation: Audio Description at the Northcott

Watch or listen to our Sales and Ticketing Manager and Audio Describer Guy Newman talk to audio description user Marylyn Lant about her experiences at our theatre over the past four decades.



British Sign Language Interpreted Performance

A British Sign Language performance is a show that’s interpreted into British Sign Language (BSL) by a qualified interpreter. The interpreter is positioned to one side of the stage or integrated as a character into the performance. Using their hands, facial expressions and body language, they help convey all the emotions and subtleties of what’s happening on stage.

We make sure to reserve the best seats with the clearest view of the interpreter for anyone who needs this service.

Watch or listen to Complete Communication‘s Managing Director and BSL-Interpreter Daryl McMullan explain how BSL-interpretation works at our theatre.

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Captioned Performance

If you attend a captioned performance, you’ll be able to read captions either on a screen or on your own device. These captions give you a written version of spoken dialogue (speech), as well as other sounds and musical cues. Captions are particularly helpful for people with hearing impairments or those who many have difficulty understanding accents, dialects, or fast-paced dialogue.

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Production shot from Extraordinary Bodies’ Human (2022). © Ali Wright.

Relaxed Performance

Relaxed performances are a lot more casual than a regular theatre performance:

• Our house lights (which illuminate our auditorium seating area) may be dimmed, but not completely darkened, to allow you to see and move around more easily.

• The performance will be tailored to accommodate those who may be sensitive to sound or lighting. The volume of the performance may be lower than usual, and there may be no sudden loud noises or flashing lights.

• Performers will have a more relaxed attitude to audience behaviour. There is no expectation for audience members to remain silent or still during the performance.

• You are welcome to leave the auditorium and re-enter as needed.

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Hearing Loop System

Our Box Office and auditorium have an accessible hearing system, which transmits audio to hearing aids or specially provided headphones (which can be collected from the Box Office). The system can also be accessed via the Sennheiser MobileConnect app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Upcoming Access Performances

Artwork for With Courage: Against a background of sea waves, gold text reads: WITH COURAGE BY JON HARE. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO SAVE A STRANGER?
With Courage
Fri 13 Sep 2024 – Sat 14 Sep 2024
Exeter Northcott Theatre
Northcott Theatre
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The Commotion Time artwork: A young woman wearing historical clothing (white shirt under a yellow dress) is seen from neck to waist. In her outstretched hands she holds a miniature Gildhouse, set atop a mound of grassy earth. The earth falls through her fingers. Text reads: 'The Commotion Time', 'The Western Rising and Siege of Exeter: It Takes a Village to raise an Army', 'Made by Exeter Northcott Theatre', 'By Sarah Dickenson, Directed by Martin Berry, Created in Association with Poundstock Gildhouse'.
The Commotion Time
Fri 18 Oct 2024 – Wed 23 Oct 2024
Exeter Northcott Theatre Exeter Northcott Theatre Exeter Northcott Theatre
Northcott Theatre
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Artwork for Bright Places: Three women dressed in feather boas, bright leggings, and T-shirts that say 'Actor' are sat in the spotlight on a dark stage with a jukebox at their feet. Confetti falls from above and they look up, smiling.
Bright Places
Wed 13 Nov 2024 – Thu 14 Nov 2024
Exeter Northcott Theatre Exeter Northcott Theatre
Barnfield Theatre
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Text reads Exeter Northcott Theatre and Le Navet Bete present: Cinderella. Two little mice are haning out on the letters. On the right, is Cinderella practically floating. We see a poofy blue dress skirt, sparkly boots with one lace trailing behind and orange tights. Sparkles are trailing around her feet and there's a little duckling in her boot.
Thu 28 Nov 2024 – Sun 05 Jan 2025
Exeter Northcott Theatre Exeter Northcott Theatre Exeter Northcott Theatre Exeter Northcott Theatre
Northcott Theatre
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The Elves and the Shoemaker artwork. Green background. Text reads 'Exeter Northcott Theatre and PaddleBoat Theatre present: The Elves and the Shoemaker'. Three handmade models of elves wearing hodgepodge clothing gather around a brown boot. Around them are a variety of objects, including thread, buttons, ribbon, a measuring tape, thimble and a Christmas bauble.
The Elves and The Shoemaker
Mon 16 Dec 2024 – Tue 24 Dec 2024
Exeter Northcott Theatre Exeter Northcott Theatre
Barnfield Theatre
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