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We’re launching our first pyjama performance for families at the Barnfield Theatre!

A woman dressed in a red onesie controls a sweet looking baby clown puppet, which looks up at a light up crescent moon being held by another actor.
We will be holding out first ever pyjama performance for the upcoming early years show
The Farmer & The Clown on Wednesday 13 March, 6pm, at the Barnfield Theatre.

For this special pre-bedtime performance, pyjamas and comfy onesies are highly encouraged for the little ones (and perfectly acceptable for the bigger ones). Audiences are encouraged to get comfortable by bringing their blankies and cuddly toys, and can even snuggle up with luxury hot chocolates or babyccinos, available from the theatre bar.

Aside from the fact that pyjama parties are a lot of fun, we appreciate that coming to the theatre with little ones can be a bit daunting for parents. Our hope is that, by having audiences attend in their pyjamas, and bringing special toys or comfort blankets, it will create a more relaxed and cosy environment for both parents and children. And once the show is over, parents can scoop their little ones up and put them straight down for bedtime.

Kelly Johnson, Development and Marketing Director & Joint Chief Executive, Exeter Northcott

The show in question, The Farmer & The Clown, is a heart-warming, wordless tale of an unlikely friendship between a farmer and a lost baby clown. Adapted from Marla Frazee’s (The Boss Baby) award-winning book, this charming and accessible show tells a story of companionship through dance and physical comedy, accompanied by live music, and is an ideal first theatre experience for little ones.

The Farmer & the Clown production photo. Two performers wearing shirts and red noses puppeteer a small clown dressed in red. The puppet appears to be tightrope walking along scarlet bunting.
Photo by Edward J Felton
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The Farmer & the Clown production photo. A performer in a conical scarlet hat and matching onesie holds two stuffed chickens on their shoulders. They close their eyes and smile slightly.
Photo by Edward J Felton
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The Farmer & the Clown production photo. A musician wearing a striped shirt rests a banjo on his lap. Other instruments are spread around him.
Photo by Edward J Felton
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The Farmer & the Clown production photo. A bearded performer stands against a painted backdrop of a barren landscape. His head is resting on a striped pillow, and he holds a matching eiderdown to his chest, as if sleeping.
Photo by Edward J Felton
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The Farmer & the Clown production photo. A bare stage aside from a dusty wooden platform and a painted backdrop showing a sepia-toned flat landscape. A performer dressed in a red onesie with yellow buttons and a ruffled comma holds a small cut-out clown, similarly dressed, upside-down in the air. Another performer, dressed in a wide-brimmed black hat holds a hand-painted model train.
Photo by Edward J Felton
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The Farmer & The Clown shows at the Barnfield Theatre on Wednesday 13 March and is recommended for ages 3+, although is suitable for the whole family. Head to our What’s On page to find out more, or contact our Box Office on 01392 72 63 63 or [email protected] to book your tickets.


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