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Exeter Northcott Theatre and Le Navet Bete present Cinderella for Christmas 2024

Text reads Exeter Northcott Theatre and Le Navet Bete present: Cinderella. Two little mice are haning out on the letters. On the right, is Cinderella practically floating. We see a poofy blue dress skirt, sparkly boots with one lace trailing behind and orange tights. Sparkles are trailing around her feet and there's a little duckling in her boot.
After year-on-year record-breaking success, Exeter Northcott and Le Navet Bete team up once again to bring you this fabulous modern take on a classic story. With laugh-out-loud fun, great music, stunning costumes and sets, and amazing special effects, you’ll soon be telling everyone about the unmissable family panto Cinderella.

In a plot to overthrow the kingdom, Cinderella’s Wicked Stepmother has cast eternal winter over Exeter. Advised by the mysterious Sage, the Prince throws a ball to save his Kingdom. Will Cinderella be able to break free and go to the ball with the help of her trusty sidekicks Buttons and Poppers? Will her Fairy Godmother find the time to sprinkle some magic in between all her costume changes? And, in the end, will true love conquer all?

We are working hard to make this year’s panto the biggest and most sparkly yet! Cinderella is being written especially for our audiences, by the Northcott team and the brilliant Le Navet Bete, so there is no doubt it will be a lot of fun for everyone. Set right here in the glorious city of Exeter, we are making a show that speaks to modern audiences whilst delivering the traditions we all know and love for all the family.

I am also thrilled to say that Cinderella is just one of several exciting new projects we have planned to make and share theatre that is made right here in Exeter

Martin Berry, Creative Director & Joint Chief Executive

We are delighted to once again be teaming up with Exeter Northcott to create a brand-new modern panto. As with all of Le Navet Bete’s work, we will champion collaboration with the Northcott’s creatives and all of their people behind the scenes to make something truly memorable – a version of Cinderella that celebrates Exeter!

Al Dunn from Le Navet Bete

Cinderella tickets will go on general sale at 5pm on 5th April on our website.

Early birds get £2 off until the 6th of May on any performance up until and including the 19th of December, plus the captioned performance on the 3rd of January at 2pm.

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