Technical Information

  • Exeter Northcott Theatre has a 460 seat raked auditorium starting at stage level and working upwards and away from the stage.

Technical Information

The Stage has a proscenium arch stage with a hardwood floor covered in oil tempered hardboard, painted black. Forward of the setting line is a semi-circular mechanical orchestra pit that, when down, can house 22 musicians and when up forms a large apron.  

The auditorium and stage can be configured as a theatre in the round and has also successfully been used to present small-scale work with the audience seated on the stage or in the lower section of the auditorium.

The Exeter Northcott Theatre is a counterweight house with 22 flying bars. The stage is served by a 6 metre tall, 3.5 metre wide scene dock USC (up stage centre) that is the appropriate height for an articulated truck to unload without the need for a ramp and allows for direct, level access to the stage.

The theatre is located on a one-way system at the heart of a busy University campus and HGVs parked on our loading bay block the road.  This means that there are strict restrictions on arrival and departure times, please read the transport guidelines if you will be arriving with a large vehicle.

The theatre has 2 large and 2 small dressing rooms, shower facilities and a wardrobe area with washing machines and driers.

There are links to Technical Drawings, Specifications and Equipment Stock Lists below. If you are unable to find the information you require from this section, please feel free to contact our technical team.

If you are interested in hiring the theatre for an event, you can find more information here.

Technical Drawings in Autocad & PDF Format:

Exeter Northcott Theatre Lighting Plan

Exeter Northcott Theatre Stage Ground Plan
DWG   |   PDF

Exeter Northcott Theatre Section Plan
DWG   |   PDF

Stage Dimensions Diagram

Hanging Plot
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Lighting Specification
Lighting and Power Equipment List

Sound Specification
Sound Equipment List

Additional Documents (PDF):

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