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The Tin Ring with Zdenka Fantlova

Zdenka Fantlova at a microphone with text overlay reading

Zdenka Fantlova, one of the few living eye-witnesses to the horror of the Holocaust, visits Exeter Northcott Theatre to tell the extraordinary story of how when she was just seventeen years old a simple tin ring made for her by her boyfriend became central to her will to live.She survived six concentration camps, lost her entire family and endured unimaginable horrors.

Now 92, Zdenka Fantlova is determined to tell her inspiring story of great love, and of what happened in the Holocaust, to as many people as possible. Zdenka, a Jew from former Czechoslovakia, grew up with a love of music, learning to play the piano and being taken to concerts and the theatre. In 1942 she was transported to Terezín where her boyfriend, Arno, gave her the tin ring that would, many years later, provide the title for her moving memoir.

The Tin Ring is a unique account of how a seventeen-year-old girl survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. An incredible story of human endurance and will power.

“Zdenka Fantlová and her story made a lasting impression… During her time in the camps she kept a little tin ring, made for her by her boyfriend. She risked her life to keep this humble object that meant so much to her. Her boyfriend did not survive the camps. But Zdenka’s love for him and the tin ring did”

Fiona Bruce, On Zdenka’s appearance on The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow

Tickets: £18
Concs: £2 off
Groups: 10+ get 11th FREE
Age: 14yrs+
Date: Thursday 10 September 2015
Running Time: 2hr

For more information, please contact Jenny Hogg on 01392 272 409 or email her at [email protected]

Notes to editors

Zdenka Fantlova is available for interviews.
The Tin Ring is Zdenka’s book dedicated to the unknown British soldier who saved her at the end of the war when, skin and bone and crippled by typhoid, she crawled to a Red Cross post set up by liberating forces at the Belsen death camp.

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