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Northcott Theatre seeks chair and trustees to build on theatre’s growing reputation

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The Northcott is looking for new trustees to continue to drive forward an increasingly ambitious business plan.

Following the appointment of Daniel Buckroyd as Artistic Director & Chief Executive and a recently recruited senior management team, the theatre has set out its strategic targets for the next three years.

With audiences and engagement increasing every year, the organisation is looking to appoint new members to its board, including one exceptional individual who can take on the main leadership role.

The current chair of the board of governors, Lady (Lucy) Studholme, is due to step down within the next 12-18 months.

The theatre, a limited company and a registered charity, wants to appoint a number of trustees to the board including a suitable successor to take over from Lady Studholme after a period of transition.

Artistic Director and Chief Executive Daniel Buckroyd said: “These are exciting times at the theatre as we have recently published an ambitious new business plan that sets out the partnerships and strategic developments we’re going to be focusing on for the next three years.

“To help us face the challenges we have set ourselves we need new trustees who share our passion for theatre and our ambition for the Northcott and also possess the skills, knowledge and experience to complement our existing members.”

Day-to-day responsibilities associated with running the company are delegated to the executive, however the ultimate joint responsibility for the company’s operation lies with the board of directors.

In addition to fulfilling a scrutiny/governance role, the board also draws on its members’ extensive knowledge, skills, experience and, importantly, contacts, to provide strategic (and occasionally operational) guidance for the organisation, and to advocate for it within appropriate contexts.

Board members are unpaid volunteers and must be able to devote their time to attend four board meetings and four productions/projects each year, usually held at the theatre.

Applications are invited from all sections of the community, including those new to non-executive/trustee board work.

As part of a commitment to building a diverse team, all suitably-qualified BAMER, d/Deaf and/or disabled candidates will be shortlisted for interview.

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