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Northcott Launches New Pay It Forward Campaign

Ever felt the magic of live theatre? The kind that fills the air with excitement, laughter, and tears? It’s an experience that can change lives, but not everyone gets the chance to enjoy it.

That’s why we started our Pay It Forward campaign.

Thanks to your incredible support last year, we were able to give away over £12,000 worth of theatre tickets, providing 750 children, young people, and carers with an opportunity they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The heroic characters from Robin Hood facing forwards in triumphant poses. From left to right: Samara Rawlins (Marion), Victoria Boyce (Bluebell), Matthew Heywood (Robin), Matt Freeman (Nanny Fanny) and Nick Bunt (Merlin).
Photo by Craig Fuller

The Pay It Forward experience was heart-warming, as the mum had experienced a violent domestic situation, which not only left her having to rebuild her life with her child but lacking severely in confidence. After going to the panto, she decided that she could rebuild their lives. She got herself a job so that she could fund further visits to the theatre. Their visit to the panto unlocked their world.

Pay It Forward recipient via The Helen Foundation

In the foreground, Jodie Micciché as Morgana cackling wickedly while wearing a red gown with fur trim and a sparkly, pointy red headdress. Out of focus in the background, Nick Bunt as Merlin in disguise as Friar Tuck, wearing a monk's brown robes and a crucifix, looking towards Morgana with an aghast expression on his face.
Photo by Craig Fuller

By purchasing an additional ticket alongside your own, you can make a real difference to someone’s life and this year, we want to share the magic of panto with even more people. We donate these tickets through local charities and community groups, including Live West, The Helen Foundation and Young Devon, making sure the money you donate goes to those who need it most.

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to go… The children and myself absolutely loved it! It meant we were able to enjoy something we usually wouldn’t be able to afford to do. It meant a lot to myself and the children and to see their faces was just amazing.

Pay it Forward recipient via Live West

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