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Northcott hits stretch target of gifting 750 theatre tickets

Background: underneath a medieval stone footbridge. Grass. Foreground (Left - Right), Nick Bunt as Merlin, wearing a multi-coloured smock, Al Dunn as the Sheriff of Nottingham, wearing a black cape and a silver helmet with a purple feather top, and Matthew Freeman as Nanny Fanny, wearing a large orange and yellow wig and a checkered blue and white maids dress.

We’ve reached our stretch goal of gifting 750 tickets for family Christmas show Robin Hood to children, young people and carers in Devon through our Pay It Forward audience donation campaign.

We’d already achieved our initial end-of-year aim of giving away 500 tickets through the scheme to people who might not otherwise be able to experience the magic of theatre at Christmas in October.

In total, 1234 people donated £12,559 towards our Pay It Forward campaign this year.

We’re gifting the 750 Pay It Forward tickets through our partner organisations including Capstone Foster Care, Exeter Community Initiatives, The Helen Foundation, the YMCA, Young Carers and Young Devon.

On the lasting impact of the our three-year Pay it Forward campaign, a Support Worker at a Teignbridge School said:

Last year, we applied for some tickets for a lady that I was supporting with an Early Help plan. She accepted the tickets and took her son to the theatre to see A Christmas Carol.

We fed back to the Northcott her experience, which was heart-warming, as the mum had experienced a violent domestic situation, which not only left her having to rebuild her life with her child but lacking severely in confidence.

After going to the panto, she decided that she could rebuild their lives. She got herself a job so that she could fund further visits to the theatre. They no longer needed my support with a plan, but the son visits my office to let me know how they are getting on and mum will often update me when I see her. Their visit to the panto unlocked their world.”

Our Pay It Forward campaign is kindly supported by Bishop Fleming and Wollens.

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