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We’re Seeking Creative Responses to ‘Hanging Around’ in Lockdown

Hanging Around - The Time is Now promotional poster

Residents of the South West are invited to collaborate on Hanging Around, a new project we’ve commissioned as part of The Time is Now series. Hanging Around plays with the notion of suspension and finding new ways to pass the time.

‘Since lockdown, I’ve had this weird sense of just hanging around. It feels like we’re all waiting for something’ said Hugh Malyon, lead artist on the project. ‘Whether it’s waiting for news, waiting for it to be safe or waiting to see each other again. From the comfort of our own homes, we want to create an experiment!’

Launching with a film in which four artists share the similarities and difference of their suspension in lockdown, the project invites people to share their own creative responses to what ‘hanging around’ means to them.

The response can be in any format – video recordings, sound recordings or photographs  – and might include: physically hanging around, pictures, original music, a rant, a capture of a new hobby. Once the responses have been submitted, the artists will weave them together in a second film to portray multiple versions of suspension in lockdown and a unique take on this unprecedented time.

‘We really want everyone to feel like they can take part. We want to see as many different perspectives as possible and open up wider conversations with audiences through our shared experiences.’ Hugh Malyon

Hanging Around is led by Hugh Malyon, a disabled artist and theatre-maker who finds creative ways to break down barriers through relatable, experimental performances.


How can I get involved?

Capture your creative response to ‘Hanging Around‘. It might be a:
Video recording (max 3 mins)
Sound recording (max 3 mins)
Picture, drawing or writing (to fit 1 A4 page)

You might like to include:

Physically hanging around, drawings/pictures, original music, a rant, poems/song lyrics, a capture of a new hobby or an abstract take from this stimulus.

How will my creative response be used?

It will be used on the #HangingAround and Exeter Northcott website and social media channels to create a collage of unique perspectives. The artists will endeavour to embed all valid submissions, which are accompanied by consent, in a new #HangingAround film.

How do I submit my response?

Please complete the forms and upload by this Google form.

Alternatively, you can email: hanging[email protected] which will initiate a consent form being sent on return email. No email submissions can be accepted without the return of this form.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your responses!

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