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Barnfield Theatre Joins National Warm Spaces Initiative

The front of the Barnfield Theatre.

We’ve announced that our city centre Barnfield Theatre will become a Warm Space from December, joining a national campaign offering people places to get warm and find community amid the challenging rise in the cost of living this winter.

People can stay in our Barnfield Theatre café for as long as they need during opening hours (Monday to Saturday, from 10am until 4pm, excluding bank holidays). The café has books, boardgames as well as toys for children, kindly donated by Jelly Children’s charity shop.

Additionally, anyone who is not able to purchase a drink from the café will be able to ask for a free tea or coffee* from our Barnfield staff, no questions asked.

We’re providing the first 100 teas or coffees and then seeking Pay It Forward donations to fund the rest. People can donate towards our campaign below.

We launched this new Pay It Forward campaign after we achieved our aim to gift 750 Christmas theatre tickets for Christmas show Robin Hood to children, young people and carers through our previous Pay It Forward campaign in November.

We’re also offering artists and community groups free spaces** to meet, rehearse and run workshops at the Barnfield Theatre next month. To book, please contact the Northcott programming team at [email protected]

The Barnfield Theatre received support from Exeter City Council to become a Warm Space.

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*1 filter coffee or tea per person each day.
**Free spaces are available during the day and not for commercial use. The Northcott might still be able to support evening events but there will be costs for this service.

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Pay It Forward – Christmas Tea and Coffee Fund

Donate towards the cost of a tea or coffee for someone at the Barnfield this Christmas.

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Our Pay It Forward campaign is kindly supported by Bishop Fleming and Wollens.

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