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Adventure story takes readers on unique journey around Exeter

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These Three Worlds is an online adventure story that takes readers on a unique journey through Exeter. As with the popular ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books the quest is set in the first chapter and then the reader decides which page to turn to and their preferred destination. They must navigate their way through the city encountering strange characters, mysterious goings-on and an ever-growing network of secret routes through the story.

Aimed at ages 9+ and inspired by Google Streetview and what3worldmaps, These Three Worlds continues to take new directions as readers are invited to write their own scene for the story, tagging locations around Exeter and revealing new perspectives on once-familiar landmarks.

‘Lockdown has turned many things upside down. Things that were ‘normal’ now seem strange and the outside world is loaded with mystery. We wanted to find a game that would embrace this sense of the unusual and find a way for both young people and adults to use their imagination and create new adventures.’

Joe Hancock, Burn The Curtain.

These Three Worlds is created by Exeter based company Burn The Curtain and is one of Exeter Northcott’s The Time is Now commissions.

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