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A heart-felt thank you to our friends at SLX Hire & Events

Set of Treasure Island during technical rehearsal, showing lights creating under water effect

We’d like to say a huge thank you and acknowledge the generous support of SLX Hire & Events who have supported the production of Treasure Island.

SLX offered a large quantity of additional lighting equipment for the production with a hire value of £14,000. Marcus Bartlett, a Technical Manager at Exeter Northcott said:

‘We’re really proud of production values of Treasure Island and it’s fantastic to see the audience responding so well to the effects we’ve been able to achieve.’

SLX started from the back dock of the Exeter Northcott in the 70s when a friendship was born between Maurice Marshall MBE and David Whitehead.  Maurice was Chief Electrician at the time and David, his Deputy. The two friends took a decision in November 1979 to become business partners. Maurice pursued a dual career as a partner in SLX and also as chief electrician at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter, where he launched the careers of a number of the country’s top stage lighting designers and technicians. His services to drama and his commitment to training in theatre resulted in him being awarded an MBE

Russell Payne, Sales Director at SLX said:

As a team of Ex-Northcott trainees the theatre still remains at the core of our training with our commitment to the theatre a constant. Exeter Northcott Theatre remains such an important part of my life and that of my fellow trainees. We all follow its progress closely and are in regular contact with each other. This has been a catastrophic year for regional theatre and as one of the leading technical theatre suppliers we were able to help out to start getting live theatre back where it belongs: on stages and at the centre of family Christmases. Not only is the Christmas show paramount to theatres but is so often young peoples first taste of theatre, so in many ways it inspires the next generation of practitioners.’

For more information about SLX Hire & Events, visit or follow them on social media using the handle @slxmedia

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