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5 Minutes with… Martin Reeve

Two performers on stage in costume

Jenny, our media officer, caught up with Martin Reeve, one of the stars of next weeks spin-chilling play, The Mist in the Mirror.

Hi Martin. We can’t wait for The Mist in The Mirror to roll into Exeter next week. What can audiences expect from the show?
The audience can expect quite a few shocks, people who have seen the show tell me they often jump out of their seats, if not their skins. It’s a dark and mysterious gothic ghost story.

Had you read the book before being cast in the play? If so, did it influence how you approached your character?
I had read the book, but we were encouraged to interpret the characters freely – and as I am playing eight different people I let my imagination run wild!

You live on beautiful Dartmoor, it’s an easy question really, but what do you love the most about living there?
I love the peace and quiet of Dartmoor, the changing seasons and the fact that within minutes I can be in the middle of nowhere looking at the natural beauty of the place.

Any favourite places in Exeter?
They would have to be the fantastic museum, the Bikeshed Theatre and bar, the shops on Gandy Street, and the Northcott of course!

Do you have any advice for actors currently training in Devon?
The sad truth is, to get work as an actor you have to be visible, which means going to London, or Manchester. I’ve been around long enough for this not to be too much of a problem, but I still have to work hard at it and be prepared to travel to where the work is. If you stay in Devon you have to be creative and make your own work, get to know the local  theatre makers, see as much stuff as you can, and, as always, practice your art as often as you can!

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