Masterclass with Rhum and Clay

Sun 1 March 2020

9.30am – 4pm
Barnfield Theatre, Clifford Room

This day long workshop is about sharing the Rhum and Clay’s creative process, giving an insight in to how they make work, their Lecoq beginnings and importantly the ensemble led devising process that utilises the many varied voices in a rehearsal room. This will be a day of getting up in the space and turning over the earth to see what we find. Join us!

About Rhum and Clay

Rhum and Clay (the company behind The War of the Worlds) was founded at the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris. The central tenet of the school is that theatre comes from playfulness and collaboration and it is this philosophy that underpins their workshop methodology. They explore theatre that comes from a physical impulse, allowing text and words to flow from that physical action, allowing a natural physical play to develop out of which a story can emerge.

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