The Duryard Songwriting Project

The Duryard Songwriting Project was a community commission funded through the Exeter Northcott’s Get Creative scheme.

Over the course of six sessions, residents living in the Duryard area came together for a new adventure into song. Despite living on the same few streets, most of the participants had never met before!

We learnt lots of new things, and it’s given me a sense of pride about my local area, and I’m walking around it singing as I walk my dog every day – just singing the song over and over.

The group explored ideas, feelings and experiences around the theme of spring, before turning their ideas into a brand new song. This was written together, as a group, under the guidance of group leader Amy Hopwood, a local resident and professional musician.

The group then learnt to sing the song, before recording their individual parts and harmony lines. These were assembled into an audio track, and then a video was created featuring footage from participants and spring themed images. The project closed with a community celebration on Zoom, where the song premiered, and participants shared creative offerings about spring and their reflections on the project.

It was an experiment, and it was about exploring ourselves – like ‘we can do it’. And actually for me, singing it, I just tried first time, and then both my kids picked it up and we were singing it for weeks!

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