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Communities need familiar stories to bind them together, but new stories to change and grow. With the world turned upside-down during 2020, and people thinking about what needs to change so that society emerges from this crisis stronger and more equal, we need storytellers more than ever.

If you’re part of a community wrestling with the impact of Covid and thinking about the change you want to see in the world, the inequalities you want to see righted, then we’d like to support you by matching you with a professional artist – maybe a writer, a musician, a dancer, or a filmmaker – so that you and your community can come together, share stories, discover new skills, get creative and make some noise. 

We’re 100% open to what a creative project in your community might be – we’re just looking for ideas that capture our imagination, and that we can help you bring to life – but we are committed to being inclusive, so we’re particularly keen to hear from you if you’ve experienced barriers to getting involved in creative projects in the past, or you feel like the voice of your community hasn’t been heard within Devon as loudly as it should; this is your chance to help us change that.

We’ve got grants of up to £5,000 on offer, so project ideas can be quite ambitious, but what’s important to us is responding to what your community needs, so if you’ve got an idea that’s more modest, that’s fine too. And, even if you’re not sure how working with an artist might benefit your community and just want to have a chat about options, we’d still love to hear from you. 

We’re also open to hearing from professional artists already working with a particular community, where there may be scope to develop that work further with support from the Northcott.

Round One applications have now closed, but we’d still like to hear from you.

Contact our Community Engagement Producer Nicole Redfern for a chat about our work with communities.

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