Getting Around The Barnfield Theatre

We’ve put together this visual story to let you know more little bit more about our Barnfield Theatre before your visit. 

Getting to the Barnfield Access & Facilities Our plans for the Barnfield

Entering the Barnfield

Front Entrance

You can enter the Barnfield at street level through the automatic doors at the front of the building.

The front entrance leads into the Box Office, break area and theatre café.

The front entrance of the Barnfield Theatre.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead
The Barnfield Theatre box office. A large desk with a black top and striped wooden panelling separated with pink, purple and yellow colour blocks. On the right-hand side of the desk, a curved piece of wood with a pink, purple and yellow block overlay. Behind the desk, a desktop PCs. On the wall behind the desk, white and bare wood striped panelling. To the right-hand side of the desk area, grey carpeted stairs leading up to the Barnfield Theatre auditorium.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead

Box Office

You’ll be in our Box Office area as soon as you come through our front doors. Our friendly Box Office team can help you book or pick up your tickets and find where you need to go.

The stairs to the right-hand side of the Box Office front desk lead up to the Barnfield auditorium (30 steps).

Wheelchair access to the Barnfield auditorium is available through the auditorium side doors on the outside of the building, on the right-hand side of our front entrance. There is no lift access to the second floor of the building.

Break Area

On the left-hand side of our Box Office is a small break area chairs, tables, and lots of children’s books and games.

You can also find male, female and gender-neutral, accessible toilets in the break area. The accessible toilet is spacious and equipped with handrails and an emergency pull cord.

There is also a baby changing station in the gender-neutral, accessible toilets.

The Barnfield Theatre break area. Background: Pink and white colour walls. Pueple and yellow coloured lampshades suspended from the ceiling. Foreground: A large, yellow book cupboard. Black chairs with pink cushions sat around black surface tables. To the right-hand side of the photo, a black door with a yellow sign above it reading 'The Clifford Room'.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead
The Barnfield Theatre cafe. A long, black-surfaced bar, above striped wooden panelling separated with pink, purple and yellow colour blocks. The bar is in front of two brick pillars. Behind the bar, there is a coffee machine and ice cream fridge. Lit lightbulbs hand from the ceiling above the bar.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead
Barnfield Café

One the right-hand side of our Box Office is the Barnfield café, where you can get drinks or snacks during the day or before a show.

This area can get quite busy and noisy before or during shows. If you need a quiet space, during a performance, you can use the bottom floor break area on the left-hand side of the Box Office, or the second-floor space between the auditorium and the auditorium stairs.

Performance Spaces

The Barnfield has two performance spaces: the auditorium and the Clifford Room.

Your ticket will tell you which performance space, row letter and seat number you need to go to. Stewards will be stationed by each performance space door and can help you find your seat.

When you enter the auditorium, the house lights will be on to help you find your seat. We will dim or switch them off when the performance begins.

There is an access row with removable seating on Row A for wheelchair users and assistance dog users.

Barnfield Theatre auditorium. A mixed group of young people talk to each other while standing on the Barnfield Theatre auditorium stage. They have their backs turned to the auditorium seats, which are empty.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead
The Barnfield Theatre Clifford Room. Background: A large black curtain at the end of the room. Pink carpet. On the left-hand side of the photo, lit fairy lights are hung along the wall. Foreground: A mixed group of young people mid-performance.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead
Clifford Room

We showcase smaller-scale performances in the Clifford Room. We also run a lot of our community engagement activities like our Northcott Young Company in this space.

The Clifford Room has temporary seating for performances and seats can be removed to accommodate wheelchair users in the front rows.

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