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Hags: A Magical Extravaganza artwork. Three young women (left and right, dressed as stage magicians; centre, dressed as a medieval peasant and bound with a rope) stand between two tinsel curtains against an orange background. The two women dressed as magicians have shocked expressions and the woman dressed as a peasant looks worried.
Hags: A Magical Extravaganza
Fri 17 May 2024 - Sat 18 May 2024
Barnfield Theatre
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Purple background. Two band members, Steve Knightley and Phil Beer, are performing: playing guitar and singing. Text reads: Show of Hands. Full Circle Tour
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Show of Hands: Full Circle Tour
Sat 18 May 2024
Exeter Cathedral
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Dragons and Mythical Beasts artwork – Dark blue background. The head of a large, orange dragon with sharp team and long horns smiles as a unicorn made of smoke trails smoke and sparkles around its head. The dragon is looking down at a small phoenix. Beneath these creatures, gold, medieval style text reads: ‘Dragons and mythical beasts’. The ‘s’ in the word ‘dragons’ snakes continues and wraps around the bottom of the word ‘dragons’ in the shape of a Chinese dragon.
Dragons & Mythical Beasts
Tue 28 May 2024 - Thu 30 May 2024
Northcott Theatre
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Get It On! artwork. At the top of the artwork, a gold banner with black text reading: ‘The glam rock show’. Black background. Text reads (top to bottom). Entertainers presents. Get It On! – one night of glam rock - from the producers of Lost in Music. Featuring the biggest hits from T. Rex, Mud, Slade, Bowie, Suzi Quatro, Wizzard, Sweet and many more.’ The text ‘Get It On!’ is styled in a vintage glam rock black and gold streaked font. There is a five-pointed star symbol in the centre of the ‘o’ in the word ‘On’.
Get it On!
Sat 01 Jun 2024
Northcott Theatre
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Peppa Pig's fun Day Out Promotional Artwork: Peppa and George (both 2D cartoon pigs) jump excitedly on a green patch of grass; the background is a beach scene, with a bucket and spade, a sand castle, colourful bunting, blue sky, a whale in the sea, a crab on some rocks; a small penguin peeks into the frame; text reads 'Peppa Pig Fun Day Out!'.
Peppa Pig’s Fun Day Out
Sat 31 Aug 2024 - Sun 01 Sep 2024
Northcott Theatre
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A photo of Mo Gilligan on stage wearing a black t-shirt and holding a microphone in his right hand and holding a finger up on his left hand. The background is black.
Mo Gilligan: In The Moment
Fri 01 Nov 2024
The Great Hall
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Text reads: Jimmy Carr Laughs Funny. Brand-new live tour. Jimmy Carr is laughing out loud. He's wearing a black blazer and bright blue shirt. The background is bright orange.
Thu 06 Mar 2025
The Great Hall
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