Inside the Green Room: A Closer Look at Shock Horror

Thunder Road, the renowned Yorkshire-based theatre company, is back with Shock Horror, an absolute showstopper of a ghost story poised to send shivers down your spine and leave you reeling on the edge of your seat.

But wait, before you dive into the darkness, let’s introduce you to the masterminds behind this modern horror gem. And guess what? We’ve got not one, but two thrilling treats for you!

Watch an exclusive video message from Thunder Road for a sneak peek into their dark and mysterious creation. Or, if you’re hungry for even more insights into the twisted world of Shock Horror, scroll down for an in-depth interview with show creator and performer, Alex Moran.

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One ‘Hell’ of A Show: What Makes Shock Horror A ‘Must-See’ Ghost Story?

We caught up with performer Alex Moran, co-founder of Thunder Road, about what makes Shock Horror unique, how the show has evolved from previous tours, and their own spooky childhood memories…

Alex Moran (Shock Horror performer) and Ryan Symons (Shock Horror writer and director) sit on a large red sofa inside an abandoned cinema room. Behind them, purple cinema seats and piles of film reels stacked high on a wooden desk.

Alex, hello! Can you start by telling us about your character in Shock Horror?

Alex: Herbert has grown up in a cinema that only screens horror. No contact with the outside world whatsoever. No friends, no school. His journey flips between haunting events of his childhood and present day. Any more info and I really would be spoiling it!

What makes Shock Horror unique and should must audiences come to see it?

Alex: It’s the first ever horror show with it’s own self-produced horror film on screen. Set in a haunted cinema auditorium – multimedia not only compliments the show visually; it’s woven into the plot, an unpredictable character in the story.

What are some of your favourite things about performing a horror theatre piece?

Alex: I grew up watching The Woman In Black. 14 visits to see the show and it never gets old for me. Performing horror takes me right back to the first time I saw it. Like Herbert I’m a kid again. I can only hope the audiences seeing this share the same sense of excitement and chills I felt back then.

The atmosphere in horror is totally different to any other theatre experience I’ve ever had. It’s not about the laughs, it’s all about the screams.

A young woman cleans the face of a creepy marionette puppet, which is sat on a large red sofa in an abandoned cinema auditorium.
Alex Moran (Shock Horror performer) and Ryan Symons (Shock Horror writer and director) appear on a video camera monitor during an interview inside an abandoned cinema auditorium.

What was your earliest memory of horror? Do you have any spooky childhood memories of your own to share?

Alex: Earliest memory was filming a ghost story at Halloween with my family. My grandpa wrote the script and filmed it. Everyone else acted in it. I played an American William Wallace. I still can’t understand why I chose American as an accent for the most famous Scottish hero of all time, but there you go!

Spooky memory? A recurring childhood nightmare of a knock at the door and a jangling of keys. The door flew open. An entity stood in the darkness. I was frozen. I can still see that image now. I’ll leave that story there before I hide behind the sofa.

Has anything changed from the 2022 tour of Shock Horror?

Alex: Massively. The show has a much bigger team on board after last year’s success. Specialists in lighting, sound, illusion and marketing; and a deliciously horrific new set. The show has evolved too… more jumps, more scares, more stand out moments. I can’t wait to get started again.

A makeup artist applies a burn make up effect to the head and body of Shock Horror performer Alex Morgan. Behind them, bookshelves filled with books.

We’re creeped out just thinking about it! Thanks Alex. Shock Horror is running at our theatre between 11 and 14 October.

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