The Changing Role of Regional Theatre

The Northcott historically had a very wide remit geographically with core funding from Plymouth, Cornwall and Somerset with the expectation that its work have a presence in these places. Our panel discussed what the regional expectation looks like now for venues such as the Northcott and what are some of the ways it is (or should be) fulfilling these?

How has the Northcott Theatre’s changing role in Devon impacted on theatre makers and organisations working with communities?

What are the mission statements of theatres like the Northcott? Has there been a shift in the stated missions of major venues?  What is the impact of this shift?

For a lively and insightful discussion on these topics and more, watch the live panel event and Q&A below.

Panel Event and Q&A

To coincide with Exeter Fringe Festival, our Artist Development Producer Helen Bovey chaired a conversation about the Changing Role of Regional Theatre.

Joining us for the first half of the conversation was Erin Walcon, Co-Director of Doorstep Arts with Alix Harris, Artistic Director of Beyond Face and Indra Congress Director. The second half of the conversation was with Mair George from Villages in Action and Ben Lyon-Ross, Talent Development Producer at Theatre Royal Plymouth.

You can re-watch the panel event now.

As time’s gone on it feels like our infrastructure here in Devon has evolved and grown, and I think the Northcott’s in a really different place now than I’ve ever seen before. It’s really exciting seeing the kind of work that’s going on around Producer support, emerging artists support, and I feel like we’re doing a better job now of covering the jigsaw of Devon. We have a collaborative approach where it feels like people and organisations are working together to try to network, to work in partnership, to better serve and meet the needs of our communities across Devon.

Erin Walcon, Co-Director of Doorstep Arts

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