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In February, we teamed up with digital campaign Theatre Stories to capture your memories of our theatre and show the different ways you’ve engaged with it.

Theatre Stories founder, playwright and PR Laura Horton recorded lots of stories from our local community, including people who’ve worked with us in the past, a couple of days before our Heritage Day on 1 May.

We’ve curated a few snippets from Northcott community members on this page – read or have a listen to them below.

I really enjoyed Guys and Dolls, when we did that here, because it was really a truly local show. I mean, obviously, some actors came from far and wide, but the band was all local because I had three Huxon’s in the band and they were dept for each other. You never know which Huxon was playing what. But it was great. It was a lovely show to do. I’ve always loved that show ever since, you know.” – Northcott Community Member

One time I came here and there was Wednesday matinee, I think I had some time off work, was the ‘People, Places, Things’ performance, and I bought the cheapest tickets I could get, which was the last row. And Guy Newman was at the box office then, and he said, ‘Oh, I notice you’ve got the last row. Would you like to sit behind the stage?’” – Northcott Community Member

Something that sticks out, is people on the stage meeting people that they’re related to but not related to if that makes any sense. So the character that they’re playing was their grandparent or, so that kind of, like, stuck in my mind. The fact that actually you could do that with theatre, you know, you could actually bring it alive for people, bring the whole story alive.” – Northcott Community Member

I loved the Northcott in Exeter because of where it is. The university was much less developed. I mean, it’s in a lovely setting now, but it was even more beautiful in those days because there was no buildings around the back at all.” – Northcott Community Member

Since I moved here for good, 18 years ago, Northcott was the theatre of choice. I adopted it as my theatre to come and see performances here, and it’s been always a great pleasure to see things here.” – Northcott Community Member

The Royal Ballet came down and put on Elite Syncopations for God’s sake. The stage is enormous as you know. They could do that. I mean, wow, wonderful some of the stuff that came down, wow. I can forget names, but I can’t forget shows.” – Northcott Community Member

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