Northcott Futures Presents: Launch Festival 2021

Now in its second year, Northcott Futures is our Development Programme for Artists and Producers, featuring a mix of masterclasses, peer support and mentoring, culminating in the first ever Launch Festival: A Place on the Map, which took place online and can now be watched here!

These are recordings of live events, with all their quirks, their charms and their faults. You may have to skip forward a couple minutes to the start of the event.

Several artists will also be showing or further developing their work as part of Exeter Fringe Festival 2021.

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It is sixty years since humanity’s pioneering first flight into space. The voyage is a spark in the mind of humankind, a fire of ideas, technology and ambition that blazes all the way to the Moon and back. Enos is one of the travellers the human ‘Race to Space’ picks up along the way, a chimpanzee who looks back at the Earth from the window of his spacecraft and dreams his own dreams.

Enos is a new multi-media theatre show where household objects, recorded conversations and intricate movement converge to create a subtle, imaginative and thoughtful digital performance. This show is a work-in-progress devised from personal interviews and research into the mission archives made available by NASA’s History Division. It is a story about life, the universe and paper rockets.

Donald Craigie is a performer and theatre maker. He makes work that is playful, poignant and curious.

With a curtain raiser from Paul Braund, who is presenting a short monologue: Heart of Gandy Street.

The Test Centre & June

A double bill of new scripts-in-progress, both inspired by current affairs, written and presented by Petrina Fitzpatrick (June) and Charlie Coldfield (The Test Centre).


Out of work, out of luck and living with her mum, the pandemic hasn’t been great on Becs finances. She’s on the (google) hunt for a great job that she can get her teeth into. And when Becs is offered a job at the local test centre for Traffic Supervisors, she’s feeling pretty optimistic. Outside for the great British summer. Set in Summer 2021 as the pandemic lifts, current, topical, and completely live, The Test Centre is an original comedy drama. Written from the all too-real experience of established Devon theatre maker/actor/director Charlie Coldfield. With original songs, written and performed live especially for this performance.


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that it feels like water is seeping in through the cracks in your ceiling, and all you want to do, is to float? But it’s as though, some part of yourself, wants to sink. You just want your mum… That sounds stupid. But it’s true, just not always that easy. This is June’s story. Heart-warming, funny and thought provoking. A surreal satire about a spirited young, working-class, single mother from Torquay who is in the 6-week waiting period before she receives her universal credit.

Written and directed by Royal Central School of Drama BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education graduate Petrina Fitzpatrick, an emerging writer, actor, drama facilitator, singer/song writer and film maker.

With a curtain raiser by Restless Theatre, a short film named Restless thoughts on…

Care Don’t Care & Eton Mess

A double bill – Care Don’t Care by Micha Colombo and Eton Mess by Sofia Gallucci-Giles, plus a curtain raiser by Restless Theatre.


A brand-new collection of vignettes exploring love, desire and connection. Care Don’t Care is a series of refreshing female voices likely to make you smile, raise an eyebrow or nod in agreement. Some pieces are funny, some are dark, all are a celebration of instinct and how we all defy expectations. A smorgasbord of new writing from one of the South West’s emerging talents, this work-in-progress sharing, written by Micha Colombo, will be performed by herself and other members of the Northcott Theatre Futures Program.

Writer/Director: Micha Colombo – Performers: Micha Colombo, Sally Geake, Petrina Fitzpatrick – Dramaturg: Alana Marshall – Producer: Liv Harvey


At one of the most elite institutions in the world, four young bloods are ready to take over the world of Dom Perignon fuelled debauchery that they were destined for. Kate is new to this world, but she likes what she sees, and the future is sweet and easy. When the real world comes knocking on the door, how do the others grasp on to the life they’ve never worked for?

From recent University of Exeter graduate Sofia Gallucci-Giles, Eton Mess is an outrageous trip into the darker side of trust funds, ski seasons and shares in Bollinger, that violently divides the “democratic” British higher education system.

With a curtain raiser by Restless Theatre, a short film named Restless thoughts on…

Calling of the Tide

Join futures Artist Ruth Bell for a premiere of work-in-progress film Calling of the Tide, followed by a panel discussion with dance-film makers based in the South West.

Can you hear the calling of the tide?
Can you feel the pulse reverberating within you?
Do the sounds stir distant memories of dreams long forgotten?
Perhaps there are hopes of lives not yet lived residing deep in all of us.

As the tide calls, a restlessness begins.

Calling of the Tide is a dance piece about the story of lives not yet lived. The shoreline, where the land meets the sea, is where limitless possibilities can be found.

This dance piece for camera is in its second phase of creation, from its debut at the Exeter Futures scratch night, Almost There. Choreographer Ruth Bell collaborates with sound artist Hannah Parry, to create an evocative piece of dance. The dancers then take the choreography into the landscape and bring their own responses and movements to the sculptural forms found there.

3 short sketches

The first piece from newcomers Long and Short explores the world of women throughout the centuries by taking a brief look into some of the opinions of and about women, held at different times. A mix of commentary and comedy with some moments of darkness and reflection carefully packaged in rhyme, this piece aims to teach you some shocking truths and hopefully make you laugh a little along the way.

The performance starts with a trip around landmarks of Exeter exploring their place in the world of witchcraft, and ends with a wish for the future, by plummeting forward a few hundred years to a more civilised world. A world that could be a reality one day, and perhaps you will agree, could even be possible today.

We will be Medieval women and Victorian gentlemen and then jump into space for a bit. We may even pay a visit to the witches of Bideford who famously stood trial at Exeter castle…

With hilarious sets made from anything we could get our hands on, and performed in our tiny zoom cubes, it’ll be an experience for you and for us.

Producers Panel

Join this year’s Futures Producers, the team behind Launch Festival: A Place on the Map, for the final event (and celebration) of the week. During this panel discussion, the producers will give an insight into the process of producing a digital theatre festival, discuss their time on the programme and give advice for those looking to submit their own work into festivals.

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