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Transmedia storytelling is the technique of telling stories across multiple media platforms. Transmedia projects usually combine a variety of different mediums such as video, text, audio, photography and animation in order to tell a single narrative. 

Over the past year we have been forced to tell stories in new and imaginative ways, working across different platforms and styles. Artists have experimented with new approaches to storytelling, creating work in new and exciting ways!

The following practical guides explore a variety of approaches to telling a story using digital technology, including:


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Audio Recording

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We have used the story of Little Red Riding Hood as an example but these techniques could be applied to any story – old or new.

Although the guides can be used as standalone activities, they have been designed to build on one another, with some of the techniques used for audio recording and photography being used again for filmmaking and animation.

All of the activities can be completed with a smartphone or tablet with freely available apps. We hope these guides will inspire you to experiment and get creative with your storytelling!

Digital StoryTelling Workshop Offered free to Year 6 teachers and support staff
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Digital Storytelling Workshop

Wed 9 or Thu 10 June

A two-hour workshop to support teachers with basic filmmaking, photography, sound recording and video editing skills. This session will provide practical tips for using mobile phones and other devices to capture and compile high quality pictures, video and sound.

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These guides were created in collaboration with:

Luke Jeffery – Writer/Director
Benjamin Akira Tallamy – Film, Photography, Audio
Laura McHugh – Animation/Illustration
Fi Russell – Costume
Penny Balint – Illustration
Katherine Drake – Little Red Riding Hood
Charlie Coldfield – The Big Bad Wolf
Jane Bennett – Grandma

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