David Starkey - Magna Carta


The UK’s leading constitutional historian, known for his forthright views, talks about the 13th century agreement that, imperfect though it was, and radically modified in its first ten years, limited for the first time the power of the monarch by stating the basic rights, privileges, and liberties of leading citizens and clergy.

There are few more stimulating thinkers, and few who understand better the way the most powerful have thought throughout our history.  His assessment of the situation then, and how our constitution stands today exactly 800 years later, will amaze and challenge you.

A Cambridge educated grammar school boy who became a respected LSE lecturer, a uniquely abrasive debater on Radio 4’s Moral Maze,  and the creator and presenter of many very popular historical TV series …on such subjects as Henry VIII , Elizabeth 1st, the Monarchy, the Churchills, and Music and Monarchy.

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