Artwork for The Macbeths: silvery grey writing in the centre of the image reads 'THE MACBETHS'. Behind the text is an outline of a crown. Below the tex,t, two disembodied hands reach out. The hands are grey and cracked, like marble, and crumbling at the wrists.

The Macbeths

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The Anthos Young Company (age 11-16) return for their first production of 2024!

Ambition. Love. Fear. What is it that drives people to commit terrible acts?

After hearing whispers of a potential future, the Macbeths begin planning how they can get everything they could ever want. However, things are never that easy and, as one crime leads to another, the pair discover that brutal actions can have brutal consequences.

Join the AYC as they take to the stage with a brand-new adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as you have never seen it before.

Ages 10+
This show contains themes of violence.

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