Left/right split image – Left image: an old wooden chest on a beach, with seaweed spilling out from it. Right image: a woodblock print of a dragon in a forest eating its own tail.

The Greenhouse Double Bill: Selich & The Dragon’s Tail

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You might think losing your skin an impossible task. Not for a selkie. Come listen to this tale of crashing tides, stolen skins, and the struggle of a woman both seal and human.

Artist: Jess Cox

Length: 30 minutes

Age Guidance: 14+

The Dragon’s Tail
Out at sea, there’s a dark monster lurking in the deep. Up on the moor, a huge reptile is laying the land to waste with fire and anger. Beneath our feet, a greedy hoarder of gold burrows in the earth. We have a dragon problem! Are you the kind of hero we need….?

Contemporary storytelling, mixing up myth, science and observation.

Artist: Lisa Schneidau

Length: 30 minutes

Age Guidance: 12+

PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE – Tickets are free, but if you can, please consider a donation. All donations made to our Artist Fund go to our work with artists.

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