The Chosen Haram promotional artwork - a man in white robes with a large black belt around his waist, stood with his arms slightly out by his sides, staring upwards. Background: a giant figure looms, appearing to be behind a transparent barrier - chest, arms and a hand are visible. The image is bathed in a pink-purple light and swirly lines and shapes can be seen blended into the image.
The Chosen Haram production photo - A performer elevated from the ground while holding onto a pole, holding a jar containing a long piece of soft plastic that travels down to a bare-chested man kneeling on the floor in front of another pole. The light is red and blue.
Photo by Ineptgravity
The Chosen Haram production photo - a man holding a huge sheet of transparent soft plastic as it billows across the stage like steam. Behind the transparent sheet a performer can be seen wrapped around a pole, hanging off upside down above the floor.
Photo by Ineptgravity
The Chosen Haram production photo - two performers in acrobatic poses while holding on to poles. The light is dark and the floor sparkles.
Photo by Ineptgravity

Sadiq Ali presents

The Chosen Haram

Produced by Turtle Key Arts

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Expect a heady mix of love, drugs and Islam. This unique and complex take on circus, performed on two Chinese poles, is emotionally candid with moments of humour and joy set to a banging soundtrack.

The Chosen Haram deals with themes of sexuality, faith, addiction and connection. The story of two gay men and their chance meeting through a dating app, portraying the highs and lows of their relationship and the barriers they face, social, cultural and personal in seeking happiness and personal fulfilment.

The Chosen Haram is based on a combination of lead artist Sadiq Ali’s personal experience, as well as interviews with members of the LGBTQ+ community who identify as (ex) Muslim. The show is an exploration into the personal struggles faced by many people whose upbringing contradicts their personal truths, and how this can lead to self-destructive behaviour.

Something that is “Haram” is forbidden by Islam.


“Powerful, strong and sensual”

The Queer Review


“Beautifully choreographed, totally unmissable”

The Recs


“An astonishing fusion of circus and storytelling”

Fest Mag


“Elevates a boy meets-boy love story into something dream-like”

The Guardian


“Beautiful story, beautifully told”

The Stage

Age Guidance 16+
Includes scenes of a sexual nature, drug use and images that some people may find upsetting.
Contains strobe and flashing lights.

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