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A man wearing a sandwich board with bricks painted on it and a woman dressed in black are reaching their hands out to the audience
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Madame Thespia’s Deliciously Diverse Murder Mystery Cabaret

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You won’t believe your brains!

Madame Thespia’s Deliciously Diverse Murder Mystery Cabaret begins as an open mic variety show, open to all, but platforming especially the work of neurodiverse, emerging artist, global majority, gender non-binary and LGBTQ+ practitioners.

The show then veers dramatically into left field, becoming an immersive, unpredictable murder mystery experience! Audience members are led backstage, encouraged to interview suspects and implored to help catch the killer! All the while wondering whether the legend of the Phantom of the Barnfield could possibly be real… This promises a truly unique night out, fusing the expert stagecraft of immersive pioneers Four of Swords with earnest, radical performances from local emerging and neurodiverse artists.

Madame Thespia’s Murder Mystery Cabaret is built on the back of three outrageously successful open mic nights at Exeter Phoenix, supported by Exeter Northcott and the Pelican Project and produced by Four of Swords.

About Four of Swords

For the last ten years, Four of Swords has been creating relentlessly visceral, vibrant and immersive theatre, film and art projects across the South West. They have specialised in unforgettable site-specific productions, such as Gawain and the Green Knight in Exeter Cathedral, Doctor Faustus in St Nicholas Priory and Medea in Beer Quarry Caves.

They have been creative leads on Exeter Phoenix’s Summer Film School for seven years, worked as tutors in residence on various summer schools for international students and even took their Film School to Shanghai. They also design and deliver the course content for Creative Connections, a collaboration with Exeter Northcott and the Pelican Project, providing theatre training and opportunities for Learning Disabled and neurodivergent artists.

Age guidance 10+
If you have any access requirements, please contact our box office or email [email protected] so we can make sure to give you the best possible experience.

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