South Devon Players' Macbeth promotional artwork - a photo of a post-apocalyptic city as burnt out buildings stand beneath a cloudy grey sky. Text reads: 'Blood will have blood; William Shakespeare's Macbeth'.

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Shakespeare’s classic drama of ambition, power and fate, first thought to be performed in 1606, is now brought to life in a dramatic new adaptation performing the original text, set in a post-World War 3, near-future wasteland.

Performed by a professional cast of locally based actors, this production will tour across South Devon from November 2023 and well into 2024. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s best-known dramas, alongside King Lear, Orthello, Hamlet, and Romeo & Juliet. It tells the tale of a Scottish war hero, who, tempted by ambition, power and supernatural whisperings, and manipulated by his wife, begins a series of murders to take and hold the throne. Returning home from war, Macbeth encounters three mysterious women, whose prophecy of kingship sets in motion his ambition, and ultimately his fall into madness and blood…

This production design combines the dark aftermath of a nuclear WW3, the exotic of the supernatural and dramatic lighting with immersive soundscapes to create Macbeth’s world in a new vision of the drama. Months of intensive rehearsal and preparation are taking place to prepare the show ahead of the tour. The company are also bringing the show to schools and classrooms.

The South Devon Players is an ambitious collaborative film and theatre group based in Brixham, with people involved from all across the South West. We primarily specialise in historical / mythological productions, which tour the South West. The purpose of the group is to actively create opportunities for people in the South Devon area (including Torbay!) to embark on, or further, professional careers in acting or behind the scenes.

Credits from our projects are accepted by Spotlight, and also contribute to your eligibility for your Equity Card. We welcome people of all backgrounds, experience levels, nationalities, disabilities, gender identities etc – all that we care about is that you really want to get involved with a lively, friendly team that produces theatre projects to a high standard. We rehearse twice weekly at the Chestnut Heights Community Centre. Our shows usually tour around the South West (three performances in our hometown of Brixham, and then one night each at other venues), as well as being recorded for online broadcast.

This performance contains scenes of violence, blood, ghosts, witchcraft, implied drug use, and loud sound effects of air raid siren, nuclear attack and modern war soundscapes.

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