Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean artwork - A man with a beard wearing a black scarf, black waistcoat and white shirt stood in profile next to a translucent image of the same man but this version of him has mud on his face and wears rags, and his facial expression is more severe. The images of this man are interspersed with a French revolution battle scene painting, featuring civilian men fighting against uniformed French soldiers in a public square with buildings surrounding them. The men in the painting are armed with guns and rocks, some are on horseback and a large red flag sails from the ground.
Group photo of the South Devon Players actors playing the revolutionaries
Lee Metherell as Thenadier and Josie Mills as Madame Thenadier
South Devon Players - Les Miserables cast photo
Sarah Gregori as Javert, Robin Purdie as Jean Valjean
Robin Purdie as Jean Valjean and Alex Slade as Gavroche

South Devon Players present

Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean

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Les Miserables: The Memoirs of Jean Valjean is a 3 hour stage drama (not the musical!) bringing Victor Hugo’s famous novel to life.

This is a show suitable for all ages, and is a classic tale of redemption, compassion and revolution; set between 1815 and 1832 in France.

Jean Valjean, a workman who is jailed for stealing a loaf of bread, turns thief after his release, but is saved from an ongoing life of crime and hate by a kindly bishop. Valjean changes his identity and breaks parole; committing himself to a life of compassion for others. Pursued across France by a police officer, Javert; Valjean rescues the daughter of a woman who had been forced into prostitution, and brings her to Paris, bringing her up as his daughter. Years later, the young girl, Cosette, falls in love with a young revolutionary; Marius. Javert, however, is still hunting Jean Valjean, who decides to move his household to England, to escape once and for all. Faced with the prospect of never seeing his love again, Marius rejoins his revolutionary friends, who face their fate on the streets of Paris; and Valjean, learning of this, once more, intervenes.

Students may find our educational content linked to this show of use for further study. This will be updated throughout the rehearsal process and performance tour; and can be found here. We are also pleased to hear from you if you have requests for additional educational content, and will do our best to help!

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company is a professional, female-led touring theatre company based in Brixham in South Devon.

SDP specialises in dramas based on researched history, and classical literature (and Shakespeare); creating inclusive, and empathic opportunities for people of all ages, demographics, and experience, to launch, or further, their careers in theatre and performing arts, as well as related disciplines.

The South Devon Players also value the educational and social benefits of theatre, extremely highly, running training classes and providing educational materials alongside the shows.

The South Devon Players Theatre And Film Company was founded by Laura Jury in 2005, and has gone on to win several regional, national and international arts awards.

Alex Slade as Gavroche

Alex Slade


Elizabeth Ampadu as Eponine

Elizabeth Ampadu


Faith Tomlinson as Little Cosette and Vanessa Bertie as Fantine 1

Faith Tomlinson

Young Cosette

Josie Mills as Madame Thenadier

Josie Mills

Madame Thenadier

Laura Jury, show director as Courfeyrac

Laura Jury


Show Director

Lee Metherell as Thenadier

Lee Metherell


Lee Metherell as Thenadier

Lily Marlow


Nicholas de Jasay as Enjolras

Nicholas de Jasay


Rich Sandford as Grantaire

Rich Sandford


Robin Purdie as Jean Valjean

Robin Purdie

Jean Valjean

Ruth May as a lady of the night

Ruth May

Lady of the Night

Sacha Spencer as the pedlar

Sacha Spencer

The Pedlar

Sarah Gregori as Javert

Sarah Gregori


Faith Tomlinson as Little Cosette and Vanessa Bertie as Fantine 1

Vanessa Bertie


Contains scenes of aggression and violence, and sounds of gunfire and cannon-fire.

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