Lawrence Chaney dressed in drag. They wear colourful makeup, false nails and earrings that look like they're covered in icing sprinkles, space buns decorated to look like doughnuts and dress made our of doughnuts. The background is pink. In purple bubble style writing are the words: Hamilton Hunter Live and Drag Tickets present - Lawrence Chaney - Overweight and OVER IT! The Tour.

Lawrence Chaney – Overweight and OVER IT!

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Overweight and OVER IT is about the trials and tribulations of being plus-size! Lawrence Chaney made history as the first plus-size winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Growing up in the late 90s/early 00s, all TV and media portrayed people’s bodies negatively. Now, in 2023 people think they possess no prejudice against plus-size people because they like one Lizzo song. Lawrence will talk everything from dating and exercise to having to buy two seats on a plane but only getting one meal!

Meet & Greet 

Meet & Greet tickets include a unique chance to meet Lawrence Chaney in person before the show. Meet & Greet starts from 6pm.


‘Lawrence Chaney shows why they are Scotland’s supreme drag queen.’

The National

‘A hilarious and heart-warming stand-up hour that’s not to be missed!’


‘It’s no mystery or secret how much I enjoy Lawrence Chaney.’


‘Hugely talented, funny, charismatic, adorable, Chaney is a goddess and brings us joy.’

Lorraine Kelly

‘natural comic’

Dawn French

Ages 14+ (strong language)

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