Left/right split image – Left image: a petrol pump dripping with blood. Right image: collage of cut-outs of different aged women. Text reads: ‘Misplaced’.

Launch Festival – The Greenhouse Double Bill: Kindle & Misplaced

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“I’m not sure if it’s the government, or the f#%ers we buy oil from who are actually in charge of this country”. The cost of living is higher than ever and the divide between rural and urban communities is stark. Heather, Holly and their mum Angela, a close-knit family from Devon struggle to run a rural petrol station in the midst of the combustion engine ban. And when Holly finally returns home from the city, she discovers a shattered version of the village she left behind…

Artist: Hattie Collins
Length: 30 Minutes
Age guidance: 16+
Warnings: Loud Sound effects

Is this me? Or history?

Misplaced is a solo-show about two young women coming of age in wildly different worlds. One has just moved up to London and is already lost, finding her way by swiping right and popping pills. The other is an aristocrat stuck in St Petersburg during the Russian Revolution in 1917, trying to survive in a crumbling society. War, raves, refuge and recovery…

Artist: Sofia Zervudachi
Length: 30 minutes
Age guidance: 16+
Warnings: Drug use, death, trauma

Preceded by a 5-minute curtain-raiser – The House on the Embankment
The House on the Embankment, built by Stalin to house the Soviet elite, contained a sophisticated network of listening devices and hidden rooms where the residents’ every move was spied upon, with chilling fatal consequences. Many of the residents were executed because of the growing paranoia of an isolated and autocratic leader. The House on the Embankment is a short extract from stage adaptation of the novel by Y Trifonov.

Artist: Theresa Pine
Length: 5 minutes

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