Left/right split image – Left image: a pencil drawing of a knotted rope. Right image: flowers reach up from the bottom of the image. Text reads: ‘Bloom’.

Launch Festival – The Greenhouse Double Bill: Bloom & KNOTS

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“I guess I am a bit of a romantic.”

Hope is settling down into the routine of being in an established couple for the first time in her life. Olive is a university student, with their life ahead of them. Iris works in a bar, and stumbles into the world of drag.

Join them as they navigate modern life in Exeter and discover what it means to be yourself in your twenties.

Artist: Joseph Leyland
Length: 30 minutes
Age guidance: 12+

‘They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game.’ Inspired by R. D. Laing’s novel under the same name, ‘KNOTS’ is an exploration of the bonds, or binds, that tie two people together. Knots in the body, knots manifest in the space between people, knots as a promise and knots as an entangled mess. A 30-minute two person play.

Artist: Aimée Sweet
Length: 30 minutes

PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE – Tickets are free, but if you can, please consider a donation. All donations made to our Artist Fund go to our work with artists.

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