A man peeks out from under a table starring at a rocket made of paper that sits on the table-top

Launch Festival – Enos

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It is sixty years since humanity’s pioneering first flight into space. The voyage is a spark in the mind of humankind, a fire of ideas, technology and ambition that blazes all the way to the Moon and back. Enos is one of the travellers the human ‘Race to Space’ picks up along the way, a chimpanzee who looks back at the Earth from the window of his spacecraft and dreams his own dreams.

Enos is a new multi-media theatre show where household objects, recorded conversations and intricate movement converge to create a subtle, imaginative and thoughtful digital performance. This show is a work-in-progress devised from personal interviews and research into the mission archives made available by NASA’s History Division. It is a story about life, the universe and paper rockets.

Donald Craigie is a performer, theatre maker and a Supported Artist with the Exeter Northcott Futures programme. He makes work that is playful, poignant and curious.

Enos will have a curtain raiser from Paul Braund, who is presenting a short monologue, Heart of Gandy Street.

A two minute video filmed on Gandy Street, opens a 10 minute monologue, written by Paul Braund and performed by Mountview graduate, Haroun Jeddal.

Arlo is a charismatic soul, an enigmatic bad boy, offering hope, insight and romance, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Original music composed by Italian multi-instrumentalist artist Alèfe (Alessio Festuccia).

Trigger warnings and themes: contains themes of mental health, sex work, swearing, LGBTQ+

Enos: suitable for all ages. Heart of Gandy Street: Ages 16+ (themes and trigger warnings: LGBTQ+, sex work, mental health, Covid19, swearing and mild sexual content.)

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