A photo of the two female artists that make up 'Long and Short'

Launch Festival – 3 Short Sketches

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The first piece from newcomers Long and Short explores the world of women throughout the centuries by taking a brief look into some of the opinions of and about women, held at different times. A mix of commentary and comedy with some moments of darkness and reflection carefully packaged in rhyme, this piece aims to teach you some shocking truths and hopefully make you laugh a little along the way.

The performance starts with a trip around landmarks of Exeter exploring their place in the world of witchcraft, and ends with a wish for the future, by plummeting forward a few hundred years to a more civilised world. A world that could be a reality one day, and perhaps you will agree, could even be possible today.

We will be Medieval women and Victorian gentlemen and then jump into space for a bit. We may even pay a visit to the witches of Bideford who famously stood trial at Exeter castle…

With hilarious sets made from anything we could get our hands on, and performed in our tiny zoom cubes, it’ll be an experience for you and for us.

‘They came for the witches, the women, the weird.
The homeless, the travellers – anyone they feared.
And no one was there to stand up for them then,
Let us make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Now you know better, do better – fight the good fight
Make it so we can walk alone at night
Let difference be embraced, it’s time we begun
To see that no matter what, we are one’.

Age guidance 16+ (scenes of witch craft and sexism)

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