Background: Black curtain backdrop. Foreground: (Left to Right) A sound technician moves faders on a green sound mixing desk. At the bottom of the image: (Left) The Exeter Northcott Futures logo (white text reads: ‘Exeter Northcott Futures’, a paint brush line spread along the bottom of the text), (Right) white text reads: ‘Masterclass’.

Introduction to Technical Theatre Masterclass: Exeter Northcott Futures

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Do you want to learn more about technical theatre?

Are you an artist who wants to learn more about how to communicate effectively with technical teams?

Do you want to gain an understanding of how to use tech in your work?

In this session, we explore the use of a variety of theatre technologies, alongside how we can better communicate between creative and technical teams, and realise that there is creativity in all aspects of theatre.

This workshop will be delivered by Sonny Evans.

About the artist

Ben ‘Sonny’ Evans has been working in technical theatre for over 30 years, predominantly within the west end during the last 20. In his time there, he is one of the rare people to have held a Head of Stage (Old Vic) and Head of Electrics (Wyndham’s theatre) position before moving on to build and run the Trafalgar studio’s as the Technical Manager. Later on he moved to the Playhouse theatre where he became renowned for theatrical transformations and has won several awards, 2 BOMA’s, an SMA and a TTA.

After a brief stint working for the National Theatre on Ocean At The End Of The Lane and The Corn Is Green, he has decided to relocate to the South West and has taken on the challenge of Technical Manager of the Barnfield Theatre, on behalf of the Northcott Theatre, to do, in his words “some real theatre” working with community groups and professional companies alike.

This workshop is aimed at early career artists, age 18+ only.

For ages 18 + only

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