Help! I Think I'm a Nationalist promotional photo - Seamas Carey, shirtless, wearing a yellow and black Cornish tartan kilt and a black and white Cornish flag draped around his back. He has his hands pressed against the sides of his head and he stares forward with a look of dismay on his face. On the left: yellow handwritten style text reading: 'Help! I Think I'm a Nationalist'. The background is a grey and white radial gradient.

Help! I Think I’m a Nationalist

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From Seamas Carey (creator of The Reason Why podcast), comes the controversial sell-out comedy show on identity, second homes, xenophobia and bagpipes.

Who am I? Where do I belong? Is it OK to be a nationalist?

Cornwall is at a tipping point. House prices soar, the population shifts, tensions rise. Some people see it as a separate nation, whilst others see it as a prime holiday destination and playground for the rich.

Seamas Carey is confused.

He is desperately trying to understand.

He’s watched a wave of gentrification sweep through his rural hometown. There’s nowhere to live, yet second homes stand empty. He wishes Cornwall was more welcoming and inclusive, but watches “up country” money sow division and suspicion.

Could closing borders and nationalism be the answer? Where’s the line between pride and power? What happens when it all goes too far?

Seamas needs help. He needs your help.

“The Comic causing uproar in Cornwall”

The Guardian

“A thought provoking romp; silly, smart and deliciously challenging. This small show moves deep rooted mountains”

Emma Rice – Artistic Director, Wise Children

“It deftly and hilariously opens up discussion around displacement, identity, gentrification, borders – it’s specificity helps the show to find a root and relationship to wherever it might be performed; we as an audience are poked to consider our own versions of Seamas’ experience. It may seem to be about Cornish nationalism, but it is also a relentless satire of nationalism full stop.”

Ben Atterbury – Bristol Old Vic

“This show is brilliant. It is politically provocative, but at its heart it’s about identity, belonging and equity. It is well-crafted, well-performed, entertaining, moving, and smart: so naturally it went down a storm.”

Katherine Lazare – Theatre Royal Bath

Directed by Agnieszka Blonska
Written & performed by Seamas Carey
Produced by Seamas Carey & imPOSSIBLE Producing

Age Guidance 16+

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