A headshot of Professor Turi King: a white woman with curly brown hair, wearing a red top and necklace; she is smiling; the background is green leaves.

Family History with DNA Detective Professor Turi King

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Geneticist Professor Turi King reveals the secrets of DNA.

With the huge rise in DNA testing, we are now able to ask questions previously impossible to answer about our families, ancestry and health. We can discover our lost heritage, track down missing relatives and find details of our family trees.

Join Professor Turi King, co-presenter of the BBC Two series DNA Family Secrets, as she uncovers how DNA has revolutionised genealogy and forensics, helping us trace long lost family members, catch criminals and make remarkable historical discoveries. She will reveal how your unique DNA identifies you and your family, how your surname can give you a glimpse into the lives of your ancestors and whether you really are who you think you are.

Professor King will also discuss how she led the team that cracked one of the biggest forensic DNA cases in history – the identification of King Richard III.

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