The three members of Le Navet Bete - (Left to Right) Al Dunn, wearing a circus ringmaster costume, Matthew Freeman, wearing an off-white dress, and Nick Bunt, wearing a black suit and bowler hat.

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Don’t be fooled – these guys really don’t like each other. How they ended up on stage together is one of life’s great mysteries. Nothing they have ever tried to achieve has come to fruition. In fact, they really are total idiots but remember… the clown can get away with murder.

Written and performed by Exeter’s favourite comedy troupe Le Navet Bete.



“Exciting, exceptional and extremely funny – Extravaganza offers an escape from the mundane. Full of laughter, surprises and live music, this absurd play is a must-see.”

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Age Guidance 5+
Warnings: Smoke/haze and pyrotechnics

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Exeter Northcott Theatre and Le Navet Bete's Dick Whittington artwork. Background: a foggy panorama photo of the city of London, with iconic buildings such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and St Paul's Cathedral. The cityscape is washed over with a burgundy haze. Foreground: A black and white cat (black body, white neck collar, white paws) looks towards the cityscape and we see them in near silhouette. They are stood on a yellow-brick path, with green grassy hills either side of them. On the hills, grey rats with large red eyes. On the left hand side of the cat, a rat holds a stereotypical hobo sack on a stick. At the top of the artwork, gold text reads: 'Exeter Northcott Theatre and Le Navet Bete present Dick Whittington.' Another group of rats with large red eyes are playing around the letters in 'Dick Whittington'. A cat paw icon replaces the dot on top of the letter 'I' in 'Dick', and a block of cheese replaces the dot on top of the second letter 'I' in 'Whittington.
Dick Whittington
Thu 07 Dec 2023 - Sun 07 Jan 2024
Northcott Theatre
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