Black Background. Text reads: Echoes. A female dancer appears to be falling through the sky, arms spread like an elegant bird.


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Following a thrilling performance in 2022, the Barnfield Theatre welcomes back Mi Flamenco with their evocative production Echoes.

Everything we experience leaves an indelible imprint… a trace… an echo.

Blending personal reflections of Spain with the power and poise of flamenco, Echoes beckons the audience to embark on a journey to the innermost curiosities and beauty of Andalusian culture.

The audience are invited to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of flamenco, as these skilled dancers and musicians provide a very particular vision through Mi Flamenco’s artistic lens.

Original music by Uri Tal, comprising his virtuoso guitar, and the haunting sound of Nick Squires’ cello, alongside the raw vocal power and emotion of singer Luis Vargas Monge, provides the emotive soundscape for this production.

Add the dance passion and sophisticated strength from Ester Tal and Tomas Arroquero, and you have all the necessary ingredients to experience the warm and at times poignant echoes of Southern Spain. From the azure blue of the Mediterranean to the darker notes of holy processions, Echoes encapsulates what is to be part of this Spanish art form and culture.

Echoes is indeed a compelling amalgam of extraordinary artists and emotion.

“…stunning flamenco dancing backed up by hugely talented guitar players and singers”

Helen Potter (Docklands Review)

“…gut-wrenchingly beautiful dance.”

Matthew Jenkin (News shopper Review)

Age 10+

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