Do You Believe in Ghosts? artwork. Background: (right) A haze-filled theatre auditorium. Rows of red seats lit by a ceiling chandelier. On the stage, a microphone stand holding a bright lightbulb. Foreground: (left) Neon-style red text reads: 'Entertainers presents. DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS? A HAUNTING NIGHT OF THEATRE. AN EXPERIENTIAL GHOST STORY. Created by James Lee Taylor and Julian Woolford'.
Background: A dark, hazy theatre stage. A small wooden chair and a lightbulb on a microphone stand. Foreground: (left to right) A man wearing a black gilet, black t-shirt and worker's trousers; A man wearing a dark patterned three quarter length jacket, cravat and black shirt and trousers; A woman wearing a black corset over a white and black dress.
Background: Dark, hazy theatre stage. A large illuminated sign with glowing orange text reads: 'Do you believe in ghosts?'. Foreground: A man wearing a dark patterned jacket sits on a wooden chair watching a woman wearing a victorian style corset speak.

Entertainers Presents

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

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An original play, like no other!

Step into the haunted theatre for a chilling night as leading man Adam, an actor-turned-paranormal investigator, unravels the legends of theatre ghosts.

With his guests Joanna and stage manager Steve, they venture into a live investigation of the theatre’s dark story. As they push the boundaries of reality, the line between performance and the supernatural blurs, and the consequences become dangerously real.

Prepare for a thrilling, mysterious, dark, humorous, unconventional roller-coaster performance of unexpected twists and turns, that will leave you questioning, “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”.

Join us for a dark night. Dare you?

Age guidance: 12+
This performance contains smoke/haze, loud noises, pyrotechnics and strobe, as well as representations of violence.

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