Alice promotional artwork: murky grey background; a young person with long brown hair kneels beside a glowing, half-open doll's house and reaches towards it; text reads 'Lewis Carroll's Alice by Laura Wade'; 'Alice' is written in sky blue neon with a keyhole inside the 'I'.
Alice rehearsal photo: monochrome; eight casually-dressed young people gather around a table laid with china plates, their attention focused on a point off-camera to the left.
Alice rehearsal photo: monochrome; a young person dressed in a black midi-skirt and long dark jacket looks shocked as another young actor, wearing a striped tracksuit, jumps into the air in front of her.
Alice Rehearsal Photo: monochrome; an actor with long dark sits on the floor with her hands braced against it behind her, facing away from the camera; two other young actors tower over her, each holding an opened umbrella like a shield towards the camera.
EUTCo Alice rehearsal photo. Monochrome. One performer, wearing a dark coat, stand behind a table where two others are sat, grasping one by the collar.
Alice rehearsal photo: monochrome; in the foreground, an actor wearing all-black sits on a stool and slouches with eyes scrunched shut; behind, two other performers face one another in conversation.

EUTCo presents


By Laura Wade

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Following two sold-out runs with their previous Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows, Vino Veritas (2023) and Ideation (2022), EUTCo are excited to bring to life a retelling of the classic stories, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Alice breathes fresh life into a much-loved story about rabbit holes, pocket watches and talking caterpillars.

Following Alice after the death of her older brother, this thrilling adaptation takes audiences on a breath-taking journey to a childhood once forgotten and the darkness that lurks at the very edge of it. The White Rabbit is late for the Duchess. The Cheshire Cat won’t stop grinning. And the Hatter is, well mad. In the middle of it all is Alice, a young girl with a vivid imagination and a family life that’s less than perfect.

EUTCo are the longest-running theatre company on the University of Exeter campus. They produce a range of published plays throughout the year, ranging from their annual production at the Northcott to their annual touring show, when members direct, perform, and produce a show for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Ages 10+ (themes of death)

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