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The Northcott Young Company have not let these challenging times hold them back, coming together in new and unexpected ways, forever finding ways to express their creativity. The creation of The Everyday Wonderful was a unique opportunity to work with professional company Le Navet Bete, and we are always working on creating more opportunities, for a wider age group, and with more bursary places available.

We’ve recently undertaken very inspiring consultation sessions with young people in Devon to explore what other opportunities we could and should offer. They’ve given us lots of fresh new ideas, and together we’re working on making them come to life.

Our specialised programmes transform the lives of young people in Devon, supporting their creativity and helping them to explore and understand issues that are relevant to them. Please support us to continue this vital work by donating via the link below.

NYC has given me confidence both on stage and in every day life. I love the sense of community and how it opens up all sorts of opportunities like directing scenes rather than just acting in the play.

Support our Work with Young People

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Thank you so much for providing such a positive environment for our daughter to learn and grow in. She’s really enjoyed the Saturday sessions and her confidence has increased so much since joining the group. I really appreciate the great job you’re all doing.

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