Pay It Forward

Help us raise some smiles this christmas!

A trip to the Northcott as Christmas has become a tradition for Devon families. But for some, it’s a treat they can’t afford.

We work with local charities and community organisations to gift free tickets to young people and families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go.

Text reads Exeter Northcott Theatre and Le Navet Bete present: Cinderella. Two little mice are haning out on the letters. On the right, is Cinderella practically floating. We see a poofy blue dress skirt, sparkly boots with one lace trailing behind and orange tights. Sparkles are trailing around her feet and there's a little duckling in her boot.
A young girl wearing a blue and white-coloured hoodie leans forward onto a red theatre seat. She is resting he head on her crossed arms, and is looking up and smiling at what is happening off-camera on stage. She is surrounded by other young people, also engaged with what is happening off-camera on stage.
Photo by Ralph Whitehead

Oh my goodness, the joy I felt just watching those children just be children – they were totally lost in the moment… amazing!” – Foster Carer and Recipient of Pay It Forward


Some members of our groups experience a lot of difficulties, so to hear them say they hadn’t laughed that much in ages was really significant.” – Charity Leader and Recipient of Pay It Forward


Please donate towards the cost of a ticket for Cinderella (£19.50) and together, we can share the magic of theatre at Christmas.

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