The Beat of Our Hearts Digital Resources

Writer’s Introduction

by Natalie McGrath

There’s a lot to be angry about right now. A lot to live in fear of if you identify as LGBTQIA+. Here in the UK our freedoms are constantly being questioned, whilst countries around the world are erasing our existence. It stings no matter how you think about it. That said there is also so much to celebrate, honour and continue to strive for. We are beautiful and we matter. There is hope and there is love. The Beat of Our Hearts is about love. Love is it’s beating heart. Love between a group of people trying to make a difference. Trying to make sense of the world around them.

To all those out there navigating this crazy world we are living in, and to those able to make those moments of change. We keep fighting, we keep on chipping away, we keep living and burning brightly. In solidarity and love.

You were always here.


The Team

Meet the many people who brought The Beat of Our Hearts to life


The Inspiration

A look at the LGBTQIA+ communities who inspired the story

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Help & Resources

Help and support for LGBTQIA+ people and communities


a seat

Adopt your very own seat at the Exeter Northcott and help secure a bright future for the theatre.

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