Northcott Young Company Works With Steve Bennett

Local panto legend Steve Bennett joined our Northcott Young Company as they rehearsed scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Barnfield.

Steve played some quick warm-up games with the company to loosen everyone up before they split into small groups to rehearse their scenes.

Steve’s a very, very passionate, enthusiastic teacher. He’s a big personality, and I think that comes across and gives us that energy and it allows us to feed off that and improve through that. And his practice and the way he shows us how to do it with such enthusiasm is really inspirational.” – NYC Member

The company focused on key moments from the play – fairy Puck confusing lost lovers, Bottom attracting unwanted romantic attention because they have a Donkey’s head, wholesome marriages – and managed to rope in tutors Lizzie Hedden and Jacob Blackburn (wearing a fantastic wig, it must be added) as extra characters.

Photo (c) Ralph Whitehead

The session wrapped up with feedback from Steve and Lizzie, where Steve gave advice about arranging groups of people on stage as well as projecting your voice when speaking to an audience.

Steve’s very patient as, well, we can be quite slow at times. He’s very patient and manages to include everyone, even people who are less confident, he manages to make them feel confident. And he’s just fun!” – NYC Member

Steve is not the only industry professional that the company have collaborated with; they’ve created a stage show with Exeter’s favourite funny-men Le Navet Bete and are looking forward to working with talented performer Siân Keen from Running Dog Theatre and Scratchworks next term.

I think the importance of the Northcott Young Company, or the importance of any drama group, is to allow people to get together and to socialise and have fun and through drama, learn to communicate and to make friends, to grow in in this world.” – Steve Bennet

If you, or a young person you know, is interested in developing creative skills or exploring pathways into the performing arts, we’re running several weekly classes this summer for people aged 9 to 21.

To find out more and book a place, get in touch with Box Office team via [email protected] or call 01392 723 63 63.

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