Flavours of Us – Thank You

A huge thank you to the following individuals and organisations, who together helped make this event happen.

The Encompass group and Flavours of Us creative committee (adults):

Premal Bhatt
Bernadine Chelvanayagam
Aneta Debska-Pszczolkowska
Anandhikrishna G K
Dr. Swati Gola
Jay Jina
Rekha Jina
Ewelina Kowalska
Nadia Lewis-Gorton
Anne Madray
Krish Madray
Gosia Maselko-Swedrak
Norman David Samuels
Gosia Zajac

The Encompass group (young people):

Laya Bhatt
Tarla Bhatt
Hubert Kowalski
Filip Kowalski
Klara Swedrak

The Dancers:

Laya Bhatt
Tarla Bhatt
Saanvii Aroori
Swati Gola
Alana Vijayakumaran
Meghana Vijayakumaran

And their teacher Vibha Selvaratnam

The Memory Pot Facilitators:

Premal Bhatt and Gosia Maselko-Swedrak
Rekha Jina and Gosia Zajac

The Craft Room Leaders and Volunteers:

Bernadine Chelvanayagam
Ewelina Kowalska
Anne Madray
Gosia Z
Shahedah Rajani
Haniyah Rajani

The Volunteers:

Sunita Burman
Christian Madray
Emma Madray
Sonakshi Mishra
Shahedah Rajani
Haniyah Rajani
Agneta Ravindran
Nimisha Sood

The Creative Installation Curators:

Swati Gola, Rekha Jina, Jay Jina (Chapatis and Rotlas)
Anne Madray (Still Life)
Krish Madray and Dave Samuels (Spice Trail)

Food and Catering:

Daddy D’s Kitchen (Caribbean Catering)
How on Earth Vegan Deli (Vegan Cream Tea)
Jina Events / Tamarind Tree (Indian subcontinent catering)
John Lewis Exeter (Devon Cream Tea donation)
Peter and Sandra Dream Cakes (Polish catering)

Project consultant and mentor:

Sandhya Dave of Devon Diversity Consultants

For the Exeter Northcott and Barnfield Theatres:

Finance & Operations Director and Interim Joint CEO: Emma Stephenson
Marketing & Development Director and Interim Joint CEO: Kelly Johnson
Head of Projects and Participation and Chaperone: Lisa Hudson
Community Engagement Producer (Event Producer): Nicole Redfern
Sound design and audio: Sam Jones
Artwork design and marketing: Ellie Fitzpatrick
Visual capture and trailer: Ralph Whitehead
Marketing: Kelly Johnson, Laura Van Wymersch
Technical and building: Sonny Evans and Elaine Faulkner
Bar and food service: Liz Bond, Billie Burberry, Michael Sheppard, Graham Hill
Duty Manager: Mark Gambrill
Box Office and ticketing: Nikki Andrews, Jake Celecia
Front of House: Mark Gambrill, Hazel Johnson
Event setup & support: Kelly Johnson, Caroline Nissen, Emma Stephenson, Matt Ware

Councillors supporting the project:

Councillor Danny Barnes (Locality Budget support)
Councillor Carol Whitton (Locality Budget support)

Organisations and individuals supporting the project:

Devon Diversity Consultants (Sandhya Dave)
Exeter Hindu Cultural Centre
John Lewis Exeter (Devon Cream Tea donation)
Yana Aleksieva-Chilton (Devon Cream Tea)
Laura Hoad (Devon Cream Tea)
Theatre Royal Plymouth (decorations)
Designs Unlimited & Jo Willcocks (decoration / design support)
Lizzie Hilton (evaluation)
Daisy Higman (sensory kit preparation)
Sian Keen (decoration support)
Anna Gilroy and Estelle Buckridge (crockery donation)

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