BOOM – One Year On

It’s been a whole year since we premiered BOOM, the outcome of one of our The Time Is Now commissions, created by the ever inspiring Jump Fall Fly.

After closing our doors in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, we immediately searched for ways in which to support local artists and continue inspiring our audiences – and so The Time Is Now commissions were created! We were thrilled to support Jump Fall Fly in creating their short film BOOM, which explores themes around mental health and recovery from trauma, and has successfully scooped up multiple awards and accolades.

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An update from Jump Fall Fly

Due to Covid our BOOM circus/theatre show was cancelled last summer, but we had the absolute good fortune to be supported to make a short film by Exeter Northcott and The Time Is Now commission.

They were strange days, as we filmed during lockdown. Everyone was in and the sun miraculously was out, for 10 days solid. In our theatrical bubble, which is our family, we made our film, BOOM. The film creatively explores mental health in a young girl during the pandemic, using theatre, circus and a great soundtrack. We were very kindly supported by The Exeter Northcott, who helped us in letting us film in their venue, by constantly supporting us on social media and staying in communication with us with regards to our projects.

The lockdown has taught us many things, but one of them being that connection and communication is the key, and that stories need to be told!

Our film has gone on to win five International Awards from India, Sweden, Denmark, Greece and Italy, and we have been officially selected for another four. The feedback from the film has been amazing and heart-warming.

We have just finished putting Italian subtitles on it and plan to subtitle it into various languages. The film ‘Boom’ has also been a resource and a conversation starter all over the place, from working with students at St Bart’s Medical school, to students at Exeter’s Medical Humanities department, through to talking about mental health and well-being on a panel with Spunglass and Documental Theatre.

We are also on a platform with The RSA talking about mental health, creativity and wellbeing. And we are due to share our film at a coaching conference with the University of South Wales where there will be a discussion focussed around well-being, mental health and the arts.

We will be sharing the Italian version with The Italian Cultural Association of Exeter, talking at an event and discussing the artistic and theatrical influences that we experienced during our time living in Italy. We were very much inspired and awe struck by the beauty and bravery of Italian Circus; I think that maybe comes through in the film.

What has been wonderful is that BOOM, thanks to the springboard of the Exeter Northcott, has branched out into all different directions. None of this was planned but we are very excited for what has been happening and grateful for their ongoing support.


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